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Full Face

$35 & Up

Under Arms

$20 & Up

Half Arms

$25 & Up

Full Arms

$40 & Up

Half Legs

$35 & Up

Full Legs

$60 & Up


$50 & Up


$60 & Up

Men's Back

$40 & Up

Men's Chest

$40 & Up

Remove Unwanted Hair and Reveal Smooth Skin

Come to us for facial or Brazilian waxing services and more in Killeen, TX

You want to put your best face forward, but a little extra hair is holding you back. You can remove it by coming to Aeon Nail Spa for facial waxing services. Our fully trained technicians remove facial hair for men and women in our Killeen, TX spa.

You can choose our facial waxing services for your:

  • Eyebrows
  • Lip hair
  • Chin hair

We'll remove your hair with high-quality wax and tools. With our commitment to your health and safety, we'll prevent infection and skin irritation. Contact us right away for waxing services that will make your skin feel smooth and healthy.

We also remove body hair with high-grade wax

Hair removal creams irritate your skin, epilation is painful and shaving causes razor burn. That's why many clients choose to wax their bodies instead. Waxing is an excellent way to remove hair you don't want. You can come to our spa to wax your:

Arms: Full arms, half arms or underarms
Legs: Full legs or half legs
Body: Back, bikini area or chest

We can perform a Brazilian wax or standard bikini wax with the utmost care. Email us today to schedule your Brazilian wax or other waxing services.